The world needs you, healed.
Hi, I'm Angie. I'm a mindset coach and author dedicated to helping peoplelive their best lives.


A Personal Story of Healing

“I love Angie. She is my yoga teacher. I think she is an angel. On her website profile I read about how yoga helped her heal. I had no idea to what depth she meant until I asked her if she would like to contribute to this volume.”

~Elke Scholz, Psychotherapist, Author of Anxiety Warrior I & II


Turned into a Passion for Helping Others

"Angie is an inspiring healer. She is knowledgeable, carries presence, and shows such kindness. She is powerful and graceful, an amazing and gentle teacher, sees other people’s needs, and is so thoughtful.  She is healing others in such a profound way. What an inspiration!”

~M.M., Yoga Nidra workshop participant