“I love Angie. She is my yoga teacher. I think she is an angel. On her website profile I read about how yoga helped her heal. I had no idea to what depth she meant until I asked her if she would like to contribute to this volume.”
~Elke Scholz, Psychotherapist, Author of Anxiety Warrior I & II


"Angie is an inspiring healer. She is knowledgeable, carries presence, and shows such kindness. She is powerful and graceful, an amazing and gentle teacher, sees other people’s needs, and is so thoughtful.  She is healing others in such a profound way. What an inspiration!”
~M.M., Yoga Nidra workshop participant


For years I’ve heard of the benefits of yoga and I finally had the opportunity to try it. Angie was the instructor and she was amazing! Her instructions allowed me to easily follow with the group even though it was my first time. She modified the more difficult poses which allowed me to be engaged from beginning to end. I felt energized after the session and knew I wanted yoga to be a part of my daily routine. Angie’s style allows me to feel relaxed and involved with no pressure.”
~Beth Boyd, Special Education Teacher


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