Feeling tired? Over-worked? Can’t sleep? Lacking in focus? My yoga classes and workshops throughout Simcoe Muskoka will help you turn on your calm so that you can tap into the part of you that always knows deep strength and peace, despite whatever is going on in your life. You will be reminded that you have all that you need right now to feel calm, focused, centred, and peaceful.


Turn inwards to connect to your own experience  

Turn on your relaxation response to restore and reset 

Turning outwards to live your best life off of your mat


Why do I love teaching yoga?
I was a well-established adult before I started learning about my own body, mind, and breath. How was this powerful piece missing for so long?! I love that I now teach people about the very things that have been so helpful to me as I navigate this thing called life.

I love when I see my students starting to realize that yoga is not another prescribed activity, that it doesn’t matter what it looks like…it matters what it feels like. I feel so energized when my students connect the dots of realization that they have choice and freedom of movement in yoga.  And I feel content when my students tell me that because of time with me they feel more clear, understand their minds more, are sleeping better, and are experiencing more peace. I am deeply grateful that I am my students' trusted yoga teacher, supporting them with self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment on their life journey.

Yoga means...
To me, yoga means getting dialed into your body and mind, orienting to the present moment, and connecting to self and community. Yoga means the freedom to live a life of your design no matter your outer circumstances. By constantly tapping into your inner sense of well-being, yoga means you can experience true inner peace and freedom regardless of your external conditions. Short version: Yoga means peace and harmony! Contact me today to find out more!

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